Latest Publications

A New Understanding of Small Businesses: Wages and Gross Output by Industry and Legal Form of Organization Using Firm Receipts to Classify Business Size, 1998–2003
Survey of Current Business, 2021

Preliminary estimates of the US space economy, 2012-2018
Survey of Current Business, 2020

Measuring the small business economy
BEA Working Paper, 2020

Do hospitals with electronic health records have lower costs? A systematic review and meta-analysis
International Journal of Healthcare Management, 2019

Measuring the value of the US space economy
Survey of Current Business, 2019

Using disability adjusted life years to value the treatment of thirty chronic conditions in the US from 1987 to 2010: a proof of concept
International Journal of Health Economics and Management, 2019

Measuring the US outdoor recreation economy, 2012-2016

Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 2019

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